The Beer Train

To Dave!!!


You're our hero!!

This is all about you. 

We've been riding the steel for years with our eyes and ears shut.  Too much noise sent us to our Ipods.  Hiding in our paperback novels.  A little solice at the end of a work week.  Don't bother me and I won't bother you.  A scent of New York sent up on the 4:30 out of Grand Central.  Eyes and ears shut...dreaming of a weekend in the sun.

But, there was a light at the end of the train.  A little laughter, a friendly raise to the aproaching conductor.  Who were these guys?? I had to find out.  The air was light, with animated conversation over each other.  It started harmlessly with a couple of seats, a couple of beers, then it spread to a few seats, people were engaging, smiles, laughter and suddenly.....it was BeerTraiFriday!!

Yup, we're having fun.  It's something to look forward to.  A long workweek, then there's BeerTrainFrday.  It became infectious.  One, two four, eight...the next thing we knew..it was the whole half of the car!  Happy hour is alive on the rails and Dave makes it real!

Had a bad week?  We can make it better.  Join us at BeerTrainFriday.com and find out what's going on.

Your Happy Beer Conductor!

See You Friday

This is Friday, and guess what????

It's BeerTrainFriday!!  See you all there.

Drinking Zone

Ok...I like to kick back on Friday and have a cocktail on the train with friends.  We chat it up...maybe to the dislike of surrounding riders.  So, I've got a universal solution.  Designate the rear of the train as the "bar car".  Any train, any railroad, any place..on Friday, the rear of the train is for drinkers and socializing.

So, riders beware.  We're at the back of the train.  If you don't like the laughter and lively conversation, find somewhere else to sit!  Better yet, join us.  There's always an extra brew somewhere.

The Beer Conductor